Sunday, 24 June 2012

VITU ALER - Branding concept

Materials / colour combinations:
Copper /  Steel / Aluminium / Ceramic / Marble / Wood
Oxidised / Rust / Brushed Metal / Glazed Ceramics / Natural Wood
reds / oranges / silver / turquoise / blue

Branding / Graphics / Initial concept stage to establish palates for interiors and furniture.
Vitu Aler - Wine and Ale bar and off license.

Copper has a historical connection to the sea because when it was realised that plating the bottom of wooden boats with copper stopped whelks and barnacles attaching themselves to the bottom and destroying ships or slowing them down. Copper is also used in the ale brewing process.

When copper is oxidised it becomes the colours of the sea - greens, turquoises and whites with shades in between. This should be used sparingly but effectively to give a colour connection to the sea. Red pig iron and brushed/painted steel in accompanying colours bringing together the oranges and reds if iron oxide with the oranges of copper. Along with the warm brown of the stained wood floors. If it is necessary to use cheaper aluminium then this can be anodised, oxidised and coloured to give a better finish and tie in with the colour palette.

copper mini tiles on brussed alu
copper tiles on alu blue grout

brushed alu opposing direction grain

oxidised copper on red granite

alu letter on copper panels oxidised

copper oxidised letters on brushed alu

cut out / embossed oxidised copper
white shop front embossed oxidised copper sign

embossed pattern oxidised copper on alu

cut out alu on red granite

oxidised copper on red granite

Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Ramp sections - view from the inside out

Wednesday, 11 November 2009